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Dr Harry Browne

Dr Harry Browne

MA History (Columbia University, New York City)
Graduate Diploma in Journalism (Dublin City University)



P: +353-1-4023146
Campus: Aungier Street

Harry Browne is a Lecturer in the School of Media, Dublin Institute of Technology, as well as an activist and journalist. His journalism has appeared in numerous publications, including CounterPunch, the Irish Times, Village magazine, the Sunday Times, Irish Daily Mail, Evening Herald, Sunday Tribune, Sunday Business Post and The Dubliner. Books, academic writing and some essays are detailed below. He has made numerous appearances as a guest on radio and television programmes and was a founding member in 1989 of the Irish Critical Studies Group, served on the steering committee of the Irish Anti-War Movement in 2003-04 and is a member of Gaza Action Ireland. He has been a consulting editor on the multicultural newspaper Metro Eireann and coordinated the print-syndication project of the CTMP-led Forum on Migration and Communications (FOMACS). His history research at Harvard (BA) and Columbia (MA) addressed Irish migrants in Britain and the US, and he has also studied US-based Italian-language journalism from the early 20th century. Born in Italy in 1963, he grew up in the United States with activist parents: his mother, Flavia Alaya, is a historic-preservationist who has also campaigned for rights for immigrant detainees; his father, Henry J Browne (who died in 1980), was a radical priest in New York City.

Selected Publications

Browne, H. et al. 'These People Protesting Might Not Be So Strident If Their Own Jobs Were On The Line: Representations of the "Economic Consequences" of Opposition to the Iraq War in the Irish National Press'. Media War and Conflict (forthcoming).

‘Barrier Methods', in Great Irish Reportage (J. Horgan, ed), 346-357 (Dublin: Penguin Ireland).

‘Gaza Diary', Dublin Review 50:14-29.

The Frontman: Bono (In the Name of Power). (London and New York: Verso Books; translations of this work published in Spanish by Sexto Piso, Madrid and Mexico City, and in Italian by Edizioni Alegre, Rome).

‘The Promise and Threat of Foundation-Funded Journalism: A Critical Examination of Three Case Studies', in Journalism and Media Convergence (H.W. Neinstedt et al, eds), 63-78 (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter GmbH).

'Foundation-Funded Journalism', Journalism Studies 11(6): 889-903.

'Where Will they Get the Fish?' Dublin Review 33:47-73.

Hammered by the Irish: How the Pitstop Ploughshares Disabled a US War-Plane - with Ireland's Blessing (Petrolia: Counterpunch and AK Press).

Browne, H. and Onyejelem, C, ‘Home from Home: Sounding Out a New Ireland', in A. Grossman and A. O'Brien (eds), in Projecting Migration: Transcultural Documentary Practice (London: Wallflower Press).

'Thanksgiving', in C. Ní Anluain (ed) Sunday Miscellany: A Selection 2004-2006. Dublin: New Island.

‘Lawful Excuse: In the Hangar with the Shannon Five', Dublin Review 25: 5-25.

‘Territorial Waters: Shell and Irish Ferries', Dublin Review 21: 68-81.

‘Document Study: The Northern Star, English Chartism and Irish Politics, 1845-48', Saothar (Journal of the Irish Labour History Society) 29: 67-76.

‘Wiles of the Wireless: Radio and Critical Discourse in Ireland', Irish Review 32: 69-76.

‘Consenting to Capital in the Irish Media', Irish Journal of Sociology 13:2: 129-141.

'Reading the US National Security Strategy', Dublin Review 10: 61-70.

‘Barrier Methods: Immigration Controls in Ireland', Dublin Review 8: 5-17.

‘Sunday, Bloody Sunday: The Bloody Sunday Films', Dublin Review 6: 11-20.

Conference Papers and Seminars

‘Cashing in the Bill of Rights'? The Clash in New York, in Myth and Reality', in ‘A Riot of Our Own: A Symposium on the Clash', University of Ulster, Belfast.

‘Shadow of a Genius: Sydney Pollack's Three Days of the Condor', film and lecture series on influence of Alfred Hitchcock, Irish Film Institute, Dublin, February 19.

‘The US Paradox: Strong Partisan Cleavage in Politics, Narrow Bipartisan Consensus in Government', Conference on Domestic and International Perspectives on the US Presidential Race, NUI Maynooth, October 5.

‘Foundation-Funded Journalism', Media Convergence and Journalism conference, Johannes Gutenberg Universität, Mainz, October 21.

'The Promise and Threat of Foundation-Funded Journalism', Future of Journalism Conference, Cardiff University, UK.

'The Catholic Worker in Ireland: Seed on Stony Ground', Catholicism and Public Cultures Conference, Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland.

'Should We Be Worried about Foundation-Funded Journalism', Journalism in Crisis Conference, University of Westminster, UK, in association with British Journalism Review.

‘Conformity in news organisation: the case of the Irish Times'. Irish Media Research Network conference, ‘Mediating the new Ireland', Digital Hub, Dublin, Ireland.

Browne, H. et al, ‘From Boston to Baghdad? Discourses of US Interest and Irish Exceptionality in Irish Press Coverage of the Iraq War', Clinton Institute for American Studies, University College Dublin, The US and Iraq: Reflections and Projections Conference.





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